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Entrance of a house explains every thing because this is the gateway from which energies constantly goes in and out. This important gate should be maintained with utmost care while direction should be appropriate to reap rich benefits.In addition to North, East also the best direction.

Kitchen is the most effected area of house from where all kind of energies prevails.Kitchen being the important part of home is the primary contributing factor in the general health and well-being of occupants.Kitchen should not be nearby toilet.Likewise SouthEast direction Northwest is auspicious. 

Bed room is the place where dreams, ideas, thoughts and decisions are conceived. Apparently bedroom is the place where a man spends three fourth of his time. Hence you have to realize the importance of a bedroom and take a special care in planning a bedroom.

Pooja room is to get charged with positive vibrations every morning and that energy will energize our environment, mind, body and soul. Room should be designed carefully because when you do meditation, you should gain the positive energies and then you can feel charged.

It’s vital for students to have a recognized space for the sole purpose of studying. When set up properly, this space can go a long way to minimize distraction and interruptionKnow more by Vastu Shastra Consultation.

Guestroom should be such that the person coming here to rest feels at peace and happiness. Vastu for guest room will energize the room with positive energy and remove the negative energy of the staying guest.

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He did the place correction and put the yantras in the right places which not only took the negative vibes from my work place but I also noticed a marked increase in overall business.
After incorporating these changes the long awaited miracle happened. The property deal took place within a few days.


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