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Positive energy by vastu will light up your mind and brings good luck to your home. - Seek Vastu

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vastu consultation

Seeking and giving advice by seeing your home plan through email, online chat and  phone.

seek vastu

Vastu Correction

A change that makes something to correct vastu defects without breaking or demolishing.

seek vastu property consultation

Property Consultant

Sell, process and close homes in accordance with vastu plans to buy apartment, Villa, or Plots.

Get the power of Vastu Shastra to your home

Here are simple ways to change that can make the biggest impact. Tap the power of vastu Now.

seek vastu home

I specialize in...

  • Vastu consultation for home.
  • Vastu correction without demolishing.
  • Find energy level in the house(Dowsing).
  • Property consultant(buy and Leasing of residential property).

What my clients say

How vastu has changed lives? Hear from our newest members.

We felt worried about my daughter’s education. We decided to change the study room. Now I see the improvement in her studies.
Knowing the Importance of vastu in today’s modern world is challenging. I can able to buy a home in south facing with vastu principles.

I did exactly as indicated and have never felt worse the next day after waking up.

Senior Manager

“Begin your journey to a better life with peace, love, beauty, and happiness”

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Harmonize your body, mind and inner self - Seek Vastu

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If you have question on vastu of your home. Send me an email with floor plan by mentioning the north direction.


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