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I just want my Kid to be happy


Here are 10 ways kids room to be organized to enhance their mind and body to focus on studies and achieve higher level of education with higher grades.


Some kids struggle at time to pay attention, listen and follow direction. You can’t force to change their behavior. But you can change the environment in a way that he will be more motivated to change.


Benefits of Vastu shastra:

                                       Will energies the room and helps the kids to be active, attention, concentrate in studies, have a vision in life, decision making power, learn quickly, involvement towards educational events or competitions, planning & organizing the day, evaluating skills.

Ideal study room should consist of these attributes: 

  1. An area that can store the materials you need. 

  2. A large enough desk . 

  3. A comfortable chair . 

  4. An adequate amount of light around the room.  

  5. A space that represents you.  

Best location to make a study room is the West portion of your home. If the West portion of the home is unavailable then you can make the study room in East portion of home.  

Vastu for Study Room Tips: 

  1. Keep all the furnishing 3” away from the wall. 

  2.  Study table should face East, North or North-East. 

  3. Do not sit below beam while reading. 

  4. Study place should have ample amount of light. 

  5. Book should be placed in the bookshelf rather than keeping in the study table.

  6. Provide book shelf in East or North wall of reading area. 

  7. Use large enough study desk with square or rectangular shape for best results. 

  8. Fix a clock on North Wall of study area. 

  9. Never face toilet or back of toilet while studying. 

  10. East or North direction doors are the best for study room. 


To have happy kids, you must teach them to tolerate being unhappy by working on their emotions-feelings like frustration, anger, disappointment rather than protecting from them. Clean and organized room leads to clean and organized mind.




  1. What if the study room is in south East, North West, South West Directions?

    Answer: South East Creates restlessness and tension. North West leads to Instability, South West bring on laziness.

  2. Can I fix photograph of God or role model in study room?

    Answer: In North East you can fix Lord Ganesh or Saraswathi picture. In West wall you can fix inspiring personalities photograph. Don’t fix pictures unrelated to studies.

  3. Can I keep plant in this room?

    Answer: you can keep plants like money plant in a bowl of water near to window in East.

  4. Any general advice?

    Answer: Remove Broken furniture, out dates calendar.

  5. Where can I place electronic gadgets?

    Answer: Avoid keeping to many gadgets in the room.




We felt worried about my daughter’s education. We decided to change the study room. Now I see the improvement in her studies. Thanks to SeekVastu.


Absolutely one of the best decisions my husband and I ever made. My personal attention to my son studies got increased. I see transition in his studies.


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