Vastu for Bath Room

                                                          Vastu for Bath Room

Focus more attention to construct toilets & bathrooms in your home as by VastuShastra rules. Bathroom is the main source of Negative energy. As per Vastu Shastra, the toilets-bathrooms should not be at home(attached).  Now days in apartment culture bath-room is attached to home & apartment. But you can easily do correction based on the below tips.

 If it is not as per Vastu-Shastra that results to Financial loss & Health Loss. 


Vastu Tips for Bath Room :

 1.Ideally a bathroom can be placed at East portion of the house and West portion also considerable. 

2. Place commode at West, South or North-West side of West. 

3.While using commode, person never faces East or West 

4.Geyser should ideally be placed at South-East corner. 

5.Bathtub must be located in West portion. 

6.Small window can be on East, North wall. 

7.Bath should be taken by facing the West side. 

8.Avoid toilets at center, North-East or South-West corners of home. 

9.Never locate an attached toilet South-East or South-West corner. 

10.Suitable directions for keeping the washing machine are South-East & North-West.


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