Vastu for Living Room

Vastu for Living Room:

Living room in a residential house or apartment for relaxing and socializing. Such a room is sometimes called a front room when it is near the main entrance at the front of the house. A living room is the place of gathering– the place where you entertain your guests, socialize with people, enjoy and spend immeasurable quality time with your family.  

Its a place where you share private time with your family doing activities, such as, watching TV, family discussions and anything. 

Living room can be in East or North direction.  

Vastu tips for Living room:

  1. Have the door of the living room in East or North as they are very auspicious and brings wealth, health and overall progress. 
  2. The head of the family, in living area, should sit facing East or North so that he remains in command and guests are not able to dominate him. 
  3. Keep TV in South-East corner and not in North-East corner. 
  4. You can hang portraits of Gods or some beautiful paintings in the North-East wall or corner. 
  5. Do not hang any portrait depicting negative energy e.g. war, crime, weeping etc in the living area (actually avoid them anywhere in a home). 
  6. Keep square or rectangular furniture in living area. 
  7. You can place a water fountain in North. 
  8. Never have beam or girder running along the ceiling of the living room, since sitting under one cause mental turmoil and stress.  
  9. Never display artificial flowers as it is deemed inauspicious. Even dried flowers attract misfortune as they represent the autumn season. 
  10. The living room should be lit brightly 
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