Vastu for Store Room

Vastu for Store Room:

A Storeroom is a room in which you keep things until they are needed. If store room ins in wrong place, the number of junk things will increase and it can be permanent also. Thus, it becomes important to follow Vastu Tips for creating a store room.  

 Vastu for Store room Tips: 

  1. The store room should be placed in the North-Western. 
  2. Locate the store room should not be in the East or North direction. 
  3. Things like oil, ghee, refined and gas cylinder etc. should be stored in South-East corner of storage. 
  4. Avoid any kind of empty container in storage room. 
  5. Never keep jewellery, cash or any important documents in this room. 
  6. Dont place idols of God in this room. You can always place a picture of Lord Vishnu on the East wall. 
  7. Sleeping in a storage room is not a recommended. 
  8. Use big pitchers and containers for storing water in the storage area. 
  9. Ideally door in this room can be constructed in any direction except South-West and must have two shutters. 
  10. Light colors such as yellow, white or sky blue must be used in a store room. 

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